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The Big Break Up with White Sea’s Morgan Kibby
May 29, 2014

Don’t expect Los Angeles singer Morgan Kibby to sit down and start spilling intimate details about her personal life to a stranger. In fact, don’t even expect that kind of insight from her music.

That’s not to say getting to know her from the songs she records as White Sea is impossible; they are indeed extremely personal; exposing everything from emotional demons to intrepid hope. But for the most part, songs like “They Don’t Know” and “Small December” from Kibby’s debut solo album In Cold Blood are broadly stroked, sweeping, pop illustrations depicting the blurry landscape of a spiraling relationship rather than detailed impressionism.

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Body Faucet

Year: 2012
Label: Vagrant Records
Genre: Pop Rock
Location: Athens, Georgia
Website: reptarmusic.com

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