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December 5, 2011 • Posted by 83Music

A couple of weeks ago we profiled Spotify, one of the newest music streaming services in the U.S.. From what we can tell, many of you are starting to migrate towards this European based service, or are at the very least checking it out. Here at 83Music, we’ve decided to integrate Spotify playlists into much of what we post. So far this has included monthly lists that share what music currently has our attention, links to entire albums on our [SPINS] page, and other “bonus” playlists that you can only find out about by following us on Twitter and Facebook, or by adding our profile to your list of followed Spotify users. However you find us, we will continue to make Spotify a major part of how we share music with you. So read up on some of the particulars (especially if you’re someone who is turned off on the public aspect of the service), and look for great music to be delivered to you on a regular basis. Below you will find links to new Spotify playlists and some that you may have missed.

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