Chris Beland Is Recording Again: Needs your help!

March 27, 2012 • Posted by 83Music

It’s late March, and acoustic singer/songwriter Chris Beland (some of you may know him as Chris Chabot), is getting ready to record his 3rdalbum. Born out of a career that has seen some interesting ups and downs; it is perhaps his most ambitious and personal effort yet. After all, it was just over a year ago that he and his wife were on the brink of leaving Bend Oregon to return to their hometown of Santa Barbara, just over a year ago that Chris found out the man whom for 32 years he thought was his father was in fact not, and just over a year ago that Chris discovered his real dad was former Flying Burrito Brother guitarist John Beland.

We sat down with Chris to talk about the music he is creating today and his plea for fans to help him make the new album a reality.

83M: We haven’t talked since before your last album (Weatherman), came out. How is the new album shaping up?

CB: The recording is going great! I’m working with Keith Banning and recording at Lonely Garage Studio in Sisters Oregon. He’s a very talented engineer and has some great ideas for the new album.

83M: Does the album have a title yet?

CB: Yep! It’s going to be called, Beland.

83M: So you’re dropping your first name now?

CB: Yeah… just simplifying things, kind of like Sting. Chris is just sort of interchangeable now and since this album was mostly written after meeting my real father for the first time, it fits.

83M: So is the new album sort of paternal in nature?

CB: Definitely! One of the songs on the album is even called Dad, and my father will be playing mandolin on it. It’s about us missing out on the past, but also looking ahead to the future. There will also be an old black and white photo in the album artwork of my dad’s father. He was sort of a Godfather figure, very iconic member of the family.

83M: What else can we expect on the album?

CB: There is actually one song that I wrote even before I released my first album titled, Johnny Cash. It didn’t really seem to fit with either of my first two records. It’s a very eerie song about a dream I had in which Johnny Cash was in a coma. In the dream he came out of the coma and started singing a song about his wife. Everyone in the room started crying. It’s a pretty emotional song.

83M: So why will the song finally make it on to this album?

CB: On this record, each song will have an individual identity. I’m really stepping out into something I’ve never done before. The album is going to have an open acoustic feel to it, less production. Keith has some great ideas and we’re spreading mic’s across the room to capture the sound differently.

83M: Now, I understand that while you are moving forward with this project, you actually need some help funding it right?

CB: Oh yeah… a lot actually!

83M: How can people help?

CB: Well, I’ve got a Kickstarter pageup and I am trying to raise $11,000 to cover the cost of producing the album. Basically, I’ve got until May 8th to finish getting enough pledges to make this album a reality. If that doesn’t happen, it won’t get done.

83M: How much have you raised so far?

CB: Just under $3000. It’s tough because this album really is a dream of mine. Finally meeting my real dad and finding out that he is also a musician is an amazing story! The fact that we are getting a chance to write and play music together is more than I could have ever imagined happening. I really want to share this part of my life with others.

83M: Well… we’re definitely a fan of your music and want to throw our weight behind your project. What are some of the gifts you’re giving to your backers on Kickstarter?

CB: Let’s see… ten bucks will get you a digital copy of the album once it’s finished. For $25 you’ll get a hard copy of the record, autographed and delivered to your door. There are some other packages where you’ll get a collection of my previous albums and even the chance to have me write a personal song about your life! I’m excited but also really nervous about raising enough money.

83M: I’m sure you’re going to be successful, and we are glad to help!

CB: Thank you so much!

Chris’s Kickstarter page is up and running and the clock is ticking. So, if you’re a fan of his, or just a fan of really great music, head over and contribute! You can also check out the video below, which contains a live performance of one of the songs that will be appearing on the new album.

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