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The Big Break Up with White Sea’s Morgan Kibby
January 10, 2015 • No Comments

Don’t expect Los Angeles singer Morgan Kibby to sit down and start spilling intimate details about her personal life to a stranger. In fact, don’t even expect that kind of insight from her music.

That’s not to say getting to know her from the songs she records as White Sea is impossible; they are indeed extremely personal; exposing everything from emotional demons to intrepid hope. But for the most part, songs like  the soaring pop anthem “They Don’t Know” and the more intimate “Small December” from Kibby’s debut solo album In Cold Blood are broadly stroked, musical illustrations depicting the blurry landscape of a spiraling relationship.

Yes, In Cold Blood is a break up album, one born out of her own loss. But if that conjures up thoughts of Taylor Swift or Adele, think again. Kibby’s In Cold…

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Chris Beland Is Recording Again: Needs your help!
March 27, 2012 • No Comments

It’s late March, and acoustic singer/songwriter Chris Beland (some of you may know him as Chris Chabot), is getting ready to record his 3rdalbum. Born out of a career that has seen some interesting ups and downs; it is perhaps his most ambitious and personal effort yet. After all, it was just over a year ago that he and his wife were on the brink of leaving Bend Oregon to return to their hometown of Santa Barbara, just over a year ago that Chris found out the man whom for 32 years he thought was his father was in fact not, and just over a year ago that Chris discovered his real dad was former Flying Burrito Brother guitarist John Beland.

We sat down with Chris to talk about the music he is creating today and…

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Best Albums Of 2011
January 2, 2012 • No Comments

It’s that’s time again when every music blogger, magazine and online site have published their top albums from the ending year. While we  are a little late offering our entry to the onslaught of rankings, we also benefit by having no competion for the release of our list!

Once again, 83Music has chosen to only rank those albums we actually own and reside either on our hard drive or perhaps on our shelves in vinyl (a format we purchased more this year than any in recent memory). So, you may find some of your favorite 2011 album missing from this list and wonder “what the heck man!?! Why isn’t Adele ranked!?!” Well… it’s because we didn’t buy her album… we didn’t buy a lot of albums (or have them gifted to us by record labels). As usual, we tried to…

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83Music On Spotify
December 5, 2011 • No Comments

A couple of weeks ago we profiled Spotify, one of the newest music streaming services in the U.S.. From what we can tell, many of you are starting to migrate towards this European based service, or are at the very least checking it out. Here at 83Music, we’ve decided to integrate Spotify playlists into much of what we post. So far this has included monthly lists that share what music currently has our attention, links to entire albums on our  page, and other “bonus” playlists that you can only find out about by following us on Twitter and Facebook, or by adding our profile to your list of followed Spotify users. However you find us, we will continue to make Spotify a major part of how we share music with you. So read up on some of the particulars (especially if…

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Do You Spotify?
November 24, 2011 • 2 Comments

Seems there are limitless possibilities these days for streaming music all over your house and even on your mobile devices. Do you store owned music on the cloud and just access it via a tablet or laptop? Do you subscribe to a streaming service and be content with not actually owning the songs? What about sites like Pandora that allow you to discover music but largely dictate the experience and give the user almost no control? Is there anything out there that lets you explore as well as choose what you listen to? Or do you need two sites to accomplish that? Are mp3 players soon to be extinct as wireless networks are built out even more completely over the course of the next two years? Will there be a clear winner between services launched by…

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