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Death Of The Music Video?
June 9, 2011 • 2 Comments

Does anyone turn on MTV to see music videos any more? (that question has probably been asked for years now). What’s up with VH1 besides washed up celebrities looking for love? It’s been our experience that there has been a shift from music videos to live performances, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. But certainly the past decades have brought us some beautiful music video gems (and we’re not talking about Thriller). So can you find anything worth watching? Are we now forced to head over to You Tube to relive some Depeche Mode, R.E.M., or Jane’s Addiction as our only source of visual music sustenance? Does anyone even make music videos these days? The answer is yes! There are some amazing videos out there waiting the patient interwebs surfer. Though, if you’re an impatient child of the Tweeting era… we’ve rounded up some of our favorites for…

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Record Store Day 2011
April 15, 2011 • No Comments

Record  Store Day is back! Originally founded in 2007 by a small group of music lovers, RSD is a national event that puts the focus back on independently owned records stores who promote the sale of tactile music as well as support their own local music scenes. Over 700 retailers participate with events that include special releases, in-store parties, live performances, and band signings. This year, the list of exclusive releases is quite impressive and includes vinyl recordings from bands like Akron/Family, Daft Punk, Dom, Fleet Foxes, Ray Lamontagne, The Decemberists, and many others. The full list is quite long this year so you will easily be able to find something you love!

One release that is sure to create a lot of buzz, is the album Rome

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Unpacking Derby, With Front Man Nat Johnson
February 4, 2011 • One Comment

The Doug Fir Lounge crowd is buzzing. Just finished are the Portland band Ravishers. Before that, Seattle rockers Curtains For You. Next up is Derby, another Portland band. It is a special night for them, an EP release party. The band’s first ever vinyl offering and first new music in over 2 years is finally available to their fans. Everyone there is ready to watch one of their favorite bands perform a semi-rare live show. Nat, Dave, Rian, Matt, and Isaac are dressed super sharp, and the show starts. First is a stirring quiet number as Nat and Rian knock out “Episode”, the final song from Derby’s second album, Posters Fade. It’s a special thing to have a rock band capture an audience at the beginning of a set by playing a raw slow song, and it set the stage for the rest of the…

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Full Speed Ahead!
January 10, 2011 • One Comment

We made some quick strides turning our vision into a reality over the last two months, but the execution of that vision is just underway! 2011 is going to be full of new and exciting things as we continue to enhance your ability to discover new music and experience amazing live shows. 83Music hopes that in 2011 we will become your first stop when it comes to deciding which CD to purchase or which show to buy tickets for. We want our comments section to be an open forum for those attending the same concert or purchasing the same album to talk about their experiences. Above all… we have high hopes that our site will continue to help artists making coin worthy music, continue on their paths of creativity. To help us reach these goals, here is a look ahead at some of the things we have planned for…

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Best of 2010, The “A” List
December 20, 2010 • One Comment

It has come down to this… the final assesment of music from the year 2010. That’s not to say albums or events from the past year won’t ever be referenced again, but it is time to take notice of those musicians who contributed something special to our experiences and shared something of themselves worthy of recognition.

Recently we delivered 2 lists from our 3 tiered ranking system of 2010 albums and as with the previous ”C” and “B” lists, our “A” list will consist only of those albums we personally decided to purchase and added to our collection as the year progressed. Each year, an intense number of artists release new music into the world and our ability to listen to all of it, or shell out enough coin to purchase a lot of it, is limited. So the albums featured on these lists are (in our opinion), the best of what we were exposed to, and therefore most successful at…

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