Flashback Spotify Playlist

April 26, 2012 • Posted by 83Music

For those of you who’ve been following me for a while now, you’ll probably remember that I started out years ago blogging about new music on MySpace. Eventually that morphed into a little Blogspot site, leading up to what is now 83Music. Some of those early bands I used to talk about haven’t made a record in years, some become so popular, even I have stopped listening to them, and others… despite their best efforts, still remain a little unknown. I’m launching a new series of Spotify playlists dedicated to revisting some of those bands while adding a few of my all time favorite songs from the last few years as well. Ocassionally, I may even post one of these new FLASHBACK playlists with songs that we all love and are just fun to listen to! So give the first volume of this series a listen and look for more on a fairly regular basis.



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