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February in Seattle All About Women
February 9, 2015 • No Comments

For the  month of February, 83Music is recommending three outstanding concerts featuring bands with strong female leads. (Five if you count openers Zella Day for the Feb. 15 Milo Greene show at Columbia City Theater and Shannon Hayden for the Feb. 17 Lily & Madeleine show at The Triple Door)

These three shows crisscross punchy, synth pop, melancholy alt rock and folksy singer/songwriter genres all while swimming in the allure of a woman’s voice. Take a listen to each of the very different bands below and see what opens up that wallet to buy a ticket.

Milo Greene w/ Zella Day – Columbia City Theatre, February 15, Tickets $16

Los Angeles pop quintet Milo Greene transitioned from the Appalachian pop sound of their 2012 self-titled debut to the synth-laced dance tracks of their 2015 follow up…

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Recommended Sasquatch Band- The Staves
May 20, 2012 • No Comments

The more we listen to music from bands that will be at Sasquatch, the more our schedule gets difficult to flesh out. One band we just don’t see how we can miss is England’s, The Staves. This trio of gals from across the pond have been making music since they were children and are now at the top of their game. They create lovely music and are perfectly slotted to perform Sunday at noon on the Bigfoot stage. (even if they are up against amazing bands like Hey Marseilles and Greylag). Check out the music video below for their song “The Motherlode” and see if you can resist putting them on your Sasquatch schedule.

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Recommended Sasquatch Band- Polica
May 19, 2012 • No Comments

Despite only recently (officially) releasing their debut album Give You The Ghost, Minneapolis band Polica has actually been making music for a while now. Formed when Roma Di Luna lead singer Channy Casselle decided to take a different musical direction, Polica fits into that experimental electronic pop genre that seems to be recently gaining momentum. Check out Polica’s vision for their single “Amongster”, it’s one of the more visceral music videos we’ve seen.

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Recommended Sasquatch Band- Pickwick
May 19, 2012 • No Comments

Besides bringing in some amazing headlining acts each year, the ever popular Sasquatch Music Festival also invites some top tier regional acts as well as less known groups from around the country and over seas. One of those awesome regional bands this year is Seattle’s R&B heavy group Pickwick. From fun grooves to lead singer Galen Disston’s falsetto soul, Pickwick’s music is growing in popularity and as a result they will take a crack at Sasquatch’s main stage this year. Check out some music and video from them below.

Pickwick / Sasquatch Stage / 12pm Saturday

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Sasquatch Tips
May 18, 2012 • No Comments

You purchased your Sasquatch pass months ago… maybe even last year. You’ve got your crew picked out and decided who’s car your taking to the festival. No doubt you’ve probably cleaned out the ol’ tent and located your camp stove as well. So now what? Chances are, if this isn’t your first time attending the Pacific Northwest’s premier music event, you’ve answered that question so many times, your prep checklist is all in your head. But what about those of you who have never been to Sasquatch before? What about those of you who haven’t even been to a music festival? You might be struggling with that question a little bit more and because of that, are likely to either over or under pack for the trip. If you’d like to avoid some of that or…

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