Palm Springs Collage

April 20, 2012 • Posted by 83Music

I spent a couple of days in Palm Springs California, leading up to Weekend One of the Coachella Music Festival. I toured the downtown area, bought a sweet Meerschaum pipe, ate some delicious tuna carpaccio, and found a couple bartenders who could make great old fashions (and one whom I had to walk through the ingredient list and construction). While wandering through the western capitol of mid-century America, I snapped some pics with my cell phone and the collage below is the result of the some 8 miles I walked around the area near my hotel. I know that there was much more to see and one day I will return to take a tour of some mid-century homes or rent a bike, but the architecture of the city is quite beautiful, even in the more mundane parts.

DOWNTOWN PALM SPRINGS TIP: Steer clear of “The Falls Martini Bar. It’s never a good sign when a place that calls itself a martini bar has more pictures of martini glasses on the walls than actual glasses behind the bar. I counted 5 glasses to 10 pictures.

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