Porcelain Raft
Strange Weekend

Year: 2012
Label: Secretly Canadian
Genre: Pop
Location: London, UK
Website: porcelainraft.com
83 Music Review: Strange Weekend by Porcelain Raft

Roman born artist Mauro Remmidi (now recording solo as Porcelain Raft), says the songs on his debut LP Strange Weekend were largely stripped of the typical studio sound by being recorded in and inspired by, his own living space. The resulting album may cause his evening viewings of Downton Abbey, (yes… he lives in London) to be often interrupted by bands knocking on his door begging him to work the same kind of magic for them as well. Strange Weekend is a robust and complex pop record hijacked more by experimental Brooklyn, NY influences than by the current airy pop sound being churned out across the pond. From song to song, it boils and cools with such seamless transitions that when you finally reach the end, the silence is deafening and disappointing. Beginning with the dreamy song “Drifting In and Out”, Strange Weekend quickly embraces the synthesizer while also tracking in some acoustic guitar and electro drum beats. Sleepy vocals on “Is It Too Deep For You” transform to create a pop anthem on the sixth cut, “Unless You Speak From Your Heart”, and then float above the horizon on the record’s last song “The Way In”. In delightfully recognizable ways, the eighties alternative pop sound is all over this album (though Remmidi himself calls the album a collection of “Sleepwalking Pop”), and the simple production scheme allows Strange Weekend to be just as much at home in your living space as it was in his.

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