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Featured Friend: Michael Senchuk

One of our favorite aspects of being a part of the music loving community, it getting to meet people who share our (dare we say) obsession for awesomely creative music! There is an important brother/sister hood that exists between all serious fans of music that makes the journey so much more enjoyable. One of the unique individuals we’ve been fortunate enough to meet is our north of the border friend, Michael Senchuk.

From Edmonton Alberta, Mr. Senchuk operates New Music Michael, one of the most comprehensive music blogs we’ve ever seen (featuring album release and tour dates, streaming music, videos, and reviews of all kinds). The underground (by most people’s standards) groups that he follows and writes about are not only the kind of superb quality acts 83Music is all about supporting, but are also largely unknown to us until Michael puts pen to paper (figuratively speaking of course). Recently we had the opportunity to talk to him about his website and his past music experiences.

83M: What is the mission of New Music Michael?

NMM:I feel like it’s pretty easy for people to remain stuck in a musical rut nowadays, listening to whatever tracks they have on their iPhones and iPods … New Music Michael introduces readers to new and breaking artists in the indie and alt-rock universe … and tries to have a little fun along the way.

83M: Tell us about a meaningful early music memory for you.

NMM:I grew up in Lloydminster, a small city of about 10,000 at the time, so the best I could do for radio as a youngster was the top 40 station from nearby Edmonton. For Christmas in 1986, we were one of the first families I knew of to get a CD player. We were each allowed to choose a couple CD’s as presents to play on said player and my choice was Bruce Springsteen’s Live/1975-85 3-disc set. I’m betting it’s still in my parent’s basement somewhere – but just the thought of trying to find it down there intimidates me.

83M: A big part of your site is pointing out when bands you love or want to check out are touring and then sometimes writing about those concerts. What are some of your favorite live music experiences from your youth and as an adult?

NMM:Believe it or not, the one that sticks in my mind the best is seeing Def Leppard in 1987 or 1988 supporting Hysteriaat our local arena. I was into glam metal or whatever you want to call it, and I was center ice, about six rows up on the side. Perfect view, and at the time it was a memorable experience. Can’t say I’ve had too many memorable gig experiences since then in arenas, I much prefer smaller clubs. Although another event I remember is David Bowie’s Glass Spider tour, which would’ve been August 17th, 1987, at Commonwealth Stadium in Edmonton. Two others I’ve noted on my blog previously were a 54-40 gig at a tiny club in Jasper in 1992 and 1996’s Edenfest near Toronto, which featured The Cure, Spirit of the West, Sloan, Bush, Spacehog, Everclear, Love and Rockets, Porno For Pyros,  and Live among others.

83M: What is something you’ve learned about yourself since you started music writing?

NMM: It always annoyed my wife that I was such a fast writer and it would take her a lot longer to complete a major paper, but I never gave it much thought until I started writing about music on a daily basis. Now, of course, I’m even faster than when I started, and it really bugs my wife (laughs) You need 1,000 words on something? Give me 15 minutes.

83M: You’re a lot like us and listen to a ton of new music every year, what is your typical listening environment?

NMM: A vast majority of the time it would be on the iPhone with ear buds. I find when I’m listening to an album I like it to surround me to the exclusion of almost every other sound. Which is why I also like to test an album in the car. It’s a totally different atmosphere, but at the same time the sound still fills up the interior. Of course, I listen to so much music, there’s certainly a lot of listening to albums while I’m working away on the computer.

83M: You live in Canada, one of our absolute favorite places to find music. What do you see as unique about the Canadian music scene?

NMM:Good question. I think you’ll find it’s really different across the nation. The East Coast has its own sound, a sort of laid-back rock that’s somewhat politically charged. Saskatchewan has an incredible indie pop scene with Arcade Fire being the most famous, but is also home to other great acts like Honheehonhee, Suuns, and The Barr Brothers. Vancouver has its own sound as well, sort of an electronic-rock if you will with The Pack A.D. and Guilty About Girls being the best examples. Here in Edmonton we have a pretty powerful pair of scenes with punk and what I’d call indie folk. Then there’s the whole genre I created the other week for a piece I wrote for Gig City called “Canadiana”.

83M: Do you have loyalties to any bands from your past that can’t be broken, no matter what that band may do in the future?

NMM:I would probably have to say Tragically Hip. I’ve lost a little interest in what they’ve done recently, and their front man Gord Downie really seems to have taken a weird turn. But they were really the backbone of my musical existence for about a decade and for that I owe them a debt of gratitude that won’t ever be repaid.

83M: Any other passions apart from music?

NMM:Model trains, though I don’t really have much time to do anything about that nowadays. Hopefully after I finish my accounting designation I can re-incorporate it into my life. And I suppose animals. We currently have two shelties and a cat. My wife and I are also fostering a couple of kittens for a local rescue agency.

83M: What is one of your favorite things about the live music scene?

NMM: I think that, every city has a music scene that’s worth discovering. I used to be amazed at stumbling upon some band from a city that I’d never even think about having a music scene before, but sure enough, you end up connecting with a couple people there, and boom! You hear about another three or so bands worth your while. And then there’s one of my favorite quotes of all time, and I think I actually came up with it – “live music is the best music”.

Make sure you take the time to check out Michael’s blog and add it to your favorites as he updates frequently. And in case you missed it at the top of the story… click on the Spotify button and be taken to a playlist of music we’ve discovered by reading, New Music Michael.

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