Where Have I Been?

July 21, 2012 • Posted by 83Music

Have you been missing 83Music? I know that I have.

For the past two months I’ve been focusing on a new venture here locally that has been quite a blessing. In May I was asked to take over music editor duties for our local alt-weekly newspaper the Source. So far it has been not only an invaluable experience, but it’s also been through-the-roof fun! My editors at the Source are very knowledgeable journalists and facilitate an exciting and thought provoking environment. For those of you in the area surrounding Bend, you may have read some of my articles and thought I was abandoning 83Music. Those who read my SW blog, might have noticed I haven’t linked up to 83Music in a while and wondered the same thing.

Well… I’m not quitting 83Music. I’ve just been working on getting my feet under me with this new role. The new position has also taught me a lot about interviewing and writing pieces with interviews in them. In the last two months I’ve been fortunate enough to run stories on Todd Snider, Social Distortion, Emmylou Harris, and Big Head Todd & The Monsters. Now, I think I’ve got things together enough that I can start creating fresh new content for 83Music and I’m itching to get going on it.

You should expect a re-launch of 83Music with new stories and features to happen on the first of August. There will be a few Spotify playlists, some concert PHOTOS, an updated IN CONCERT calendar with recommendations, added SPINS, and I’ll finally publish my interview with British sister group, The Staves.

I’d like to thank everyone for their support as I started this new venture with the Source. If you’re unfamiliar with the publication, then I hope you’ll go grab a copy and find out why I love being a part of that paper. I’d also like to thank you in advance for rejoining the movement of promoting creative and meaningful music through 83Music when it refreshes next month.




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